Are you looking to collaborate with RoseMarieFashions!?

Connecting audience, building rapport with customers, reaching out to the million other young people that may not know about our online store is a means of continue success within our small business. Heres some things to consider when we look for potential collaborations:

•Do you have a target audience?

•Does your followers get sold when you advertise?

•Do you personally connect with your audience?

•Are you as a blogger able to draw in sales for buisnesses?

•Are you engaging?

•Do you see the results you were looking for?
•Have you ever purchased from us before with no means of collaboration?

Those are the main questions we ask when choosing who we collaborate with. For us it is not about about your following. Their is “Bloggers” out there that have thousands of followers but if you look at the engagement on there post they have little to none. That is so important to us because you want people to build rapport with customers. You want to connect, help and solve ones problems by providing a solution.
For first time collaborations we will offer you a discount to purchase items and advertise them and based on the engagement maybe consider doing a giveaway and paying for an advertisement. If you are interested please reach out to us via Instagram and Direct message us. Please note not everyone that reaches out will be chosen.

Blogger Annabeth Walden aka @annabethwalden
Blogger Heather aka @Savvyskirtgirl
Blogger Melissa Zimmerman Aka
Blogger Veronica Leal aka @veronicaslook

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